A silver R8 with V10 engine

The R8 is a supercar introduced by Audi in 2006. It has 3 variants and the most expensive is R8 Spyder at £112,500.

Current variants specEdit

Audi R8 and R8 Spyder (convertible variant)Edit

The Audi R8's powerful V8 32 valve engine gives it a top speed of 187mph (301 kmh). It's 0-60mph (97 kmh) is 4.4 seconds. The vehicles weight is a light (for a car) 1,560 kg (3,439 lb). The weight of the Spyder is 1,720kg making it the heaviest variant. The car's acceleration is nearly 1G.

Audi R8 v10Edit

The increased performance of the V10 has an extra 8 valve engine which gives an extra 16mph to the toal of the V8. The disadvantage to this is that it is heavier (1,620kg). It's 0-60 is not increased and nor is it's G force.

Future variantsEdit

  • Audi R8 v12 (Diesel)
  • Audi R8 Clubsport
  • Audi E-tron


Comfort FeaturesEdit

  • Full leather of leather/alacantra
  • Floor mats
  • Ashtray and lighter (12v)
  • 2 cupholders
  • Leather covered parking brake
  • Built-in sat-nav


  • 3 point seatbelts
  • Crash sensor
  • Tire pressure monitor